outside bunny with flower shoots peeking up

So yesterday, the temperature got up to 65˚ F here in my little Shangri-La and the sun was shining brightly. Not average weather for early February, but hey I’ll take it. This was a perfect opportunity to get outside to breathe in some fresh air and finally clear out all the leaves in my gardens that I have put off since fall. Well not all the gardens, but a lot. I was surprised to find all kinds of shoots already coming up. What?! Yee Ha!

Thunder the cat and Zoey the dog chewing on a stick

Now just the other day, after having picking him up from school, my son had informed me that the groundhog had predicted that spring would be here in 2 weeks as I rolled my eyes from the front seat while driving I remember responding “is that so?”. Maybe he was on to something! I gotta tell ya, I have really got spring fever bad now. I went from just staying inside with my heating pad on me all the time (what, you don’t wear one?) to slinging a shrub rake around. Boy do I feel it today. Now I really need that heating pad!

Mocee the cat in kitchen window

But nature pulled a cruel joke and today it is like 25˚ cooler, bummer. Not only that, the east coast is about to get slammed with the perfect storm they are comparing to the blizzard of 1978. I remember that, even here in the mid west. I was 8 years old and my dad used to bribe me to go the coke machine to buy him cokes so he didn’t have to walk. My pay was I got to keep one, usually a Mr. Pibb back then. Totally worth it! That year, in the snow I tromped through snow with bread sacks on my feet and legs. I think my mom had a photo of it somewhere, would love to have shared that, but until that surfaces you’ll just have to use your imagination. Ha ha…

But boy, it sure was a beautiful day… I’m ready for spring.

beautiful warm winter day

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