Today I feel like a free woman! I have for the last week been in what I call internet jail. The place where I am at the very end of my data package and if I go over, the internet company will charge me out the wazoo for a few days of crusin’ the net by adding on an additional 1 GB of data to my plan only then to yank it all away as soon as my new billing period kicks in. They don’t even let you roll over that extra data you bought. Shysters. But that is the price I pay for living in the boondocks. You have about 2 different options and you’re grateful to have them! But with the sun on my face, it’s a good day today 🙂  I’ve survived by hobbling around the net with my phone.

I have great news to share! A winner has been chosen for my print of Dreaming Amber! Congratulations Becky G. from Texas!! Yay!! Your print will be in the mail this week. Thank you all for entering. I really appreciate your support and friendship.  Below is what Becky won.

Now if you want your very own print of Dreaming Amber fear not! You can purchase a print  here starting out at $22.

photo of early Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma

I wanted to share with you a picture from this weekend. I got to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with my 96-year-old Grandmother. Isn’t she great? I love her dearly. My dad ain’t so bad, either 😉

Jaime and her Grandmother, Elma

Grandma has severe Alzheimer’s now, but still has a great outlook on life. She is a joy to be around and the staff at the home just love her. I feel lucky and very blessed to have her still around and to have her in my life. What a great lady.

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