artist's family sitting watching fireworks

Another year of fireworks impressed us all at the riverfront in downtown Evansville Indiana celebrating Independence Day.

Although, now it’s not nearly as “cool” as Asher (my son) thought of it even a year ago. Oh yeah, he’s in that phase now. Who knew 9 years old brought the attitude? I wasn’t expecting that for a few more years. Should’ve known though, given the dry and sarcastic sense of humor our family has.

It’s fascinating though to watch as his personality develops. He’s quite clever. I’m very proud of him and his blossoming sense of humor. He loves to make us laugh and I can only imagine what his take on things will be in a few years.

Here’s a couple of the fireworks I snapped pictures of with my phone. Not the best, but the fireworks were great.

large mulitiple fireworks

I thought this looked like a face – Remember Mr. Bill? haha

large fireworksI hope you all enjoyed Independence Day 2015 or at least had a great weekend if you’re not American!

I found this flag framed in an old General Store in Rugby Tennessee called R.M. Brooks General Merchandise. More about that place soon, I went there on a ghost investigation with my friend! I’ve got a lot of pretty photographs that I took there.

Old American flag framed in a white wooden frame

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paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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