Today I feel inspired! Not sure what has brought it on, but I’m going to take advantage of it. I don’t usually post in the morning and thought I’d share my excitement about creating things today. I’ve been reading all my favorite blogs this morning and it’s just come over me! I love it when I get this feeling. And when I say feeling, I do mean feeling. When I get ideas that I think are really something… I get a little tingle almost a buzzing feeling. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. It starts in my lower back and travels up to my scalp and down at the same time to my tingling toes. It’s usually just for a moment but I know when I get this little creative tingle… I’ve got to either go do it or at least jot it down to try when I get the time. I get it with all kinds of ideas, not just creating art. Like gardening, decorating, cooking, anything that is relevant to me or those I love. So today I’m using this day to create! Yay!

Inspiration! It’s a wonderful thing.

I also feel compelled to share…

“This Artists Observations of the Day”
Feeling of the day: creative!
I’m grateful for: tingly feelings
I am wearing: fuzzy slippers
I thought about today: Valentines Day creations
I miss: warm evenings of summer
Best thing I did today: didn’t cave on diet with cookies on counter


Today I visited: An Artist’s Journey by Susan Roux
thank you Susan for the little plug from your site today, I really enjoy reading your blog and I love to search through all your friends and often find new blogs to follow through it. I do that with everyone’s blog. I think that is the best way to meet new friends! Now go! and be creative!
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