Introducing our new kitten… Obsidian Mystic JuJu Magic

black kitten introduction photo

That is a mouthful I know, so we call her JuJu. At first when we got her, we were calling her Siddy short for Obsidian. But then I had to explain to my husband and my dad both that Siddy was not “City” but Siddy, short for Obsidian. So because of that, I saw my future: many wasted words and aggravation explaining her name (hey, the happy pills only go so far ya know?). So, I told Asher we might need to come up with another nickname and he suggested we just call her JuJu. I’m down with that. It fits her and now that we’ve had her a week, I’ve tacked on lots of other nicknames as well like: JuJu B, JuJu Magic, Stinker, Little Beast, Shit head… it goes on and on according to what she’s doing at the time – usually trying to climb up my leg. But she does come to JuJu, which I’ve decided is good.

She’s a very sweet kitten and though she’s not a replacement for Thunder, she has been a welcome new little burst of energy all teeth and claws running a blue streak (or I should say black streak) and making us laugh. How we came about getting her is a story in itself. I’ll tell that story tomorrow, I already have it written but it was so long I decided to split it into two posts. Come back Friday the 29th at 6am CDT to find out what happened. I have it scheduled. Update: here is a link to Part 2

If you’re in need of cuteness overload look no further. Here’s adorable pictures of our JuJu, I’ve taken my artistic license and ad libbed the conversation.

First up…

Oh boy, guess what we are bringing home?!

Look what we brought home

No, I don’t drive around with a cat carrier in the car all the time. I had to hurry and get this in from the basement to carry the kitten inside the house – I didn’t know if she would jump from our arms or what the dog might do. Plus, it was good cover to hide her from the hubby – a kitten is the last thing he wants. Pffft.. whatever.
kitten out of cage

Now look who’s happy…

cute kitten, happy sonMocee… not so much. “What the hell?!”

annoyed cat Oh, but look how cute I am!

cute black kitten looking upI’m not buying it.

very annoyed tuxedo cat on couch

Fine, I’ll run over here and play…

streaking kittenand play here…

black kitten playing on desk

and play over here…

black kitten playing with toy mouse

Whew, all this playing is making me tired. I think I’ll sleep here…

sleeping black kitten on green couch

And I’ll sleep on here…

Black kitten laying down in boy's arms

 and in my little bed…

Black kitten sleeping in pet bed on desk

OOoooo and I’ll sleep in here, too

Black kitten curled up sleeping inside woman's purple robe

Hey, you know what?

black kitten face

A kitten could get used to this inside livin’ with all this attention and lovin’ and pettin’…

boy holding black kitten

I’ve even got my own personal photographer.

Yep, I think this is going to be a good home for this little flea bag.

black kitten with boy in the background

And I’ve got a new best friend, too. ❤

cute black kitten on shoulder of boy

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