Well my favorite holiday has come and gone and that’s Halloween. This year it was a Witchy Halloween! Meaning I dressed up as a witch. Something I’ve not gone as for Halloween, well at least for years… decades really. I painted my face up once and wore a hat to McDonald’s but that doesn’t count. hah

Of course with 2020 being the year of Covid (gag) all of my fun Halloween festivities were mostly cancelled. Including the party given by my friend Denise. It’s my all time favorite Halloween party. You can see all of the past fun times at her parties here.

So when given the opportunity to dress up in full on Witchy Halloween attire, I jumped on it.

It started with a “Call to Witches” on Facebook. My friend Denise (no, another Denise) shared a call for witches to dress up and perform a dance in front of the Charles Ford Home (an assisted living facility in New Harmony). I saw that and I was in, no questions asked. I didn’t care what we were doing. LOL

Witches of New Harmony at Murphy Park
Taken right after our practice

That could’ve ended badly, haha but it didn’t. It was a great time. We gathered together in a nearby park to practice for just about 20 minutes or so. I really needed more practice than that, but it was enough to get the gist of it.

It turns out her friend, Sally, was a real dance teacher and has always wanted to get some witches together to dance in the streets to a German song called Schüttel deinen Speck by Peter Fox. It’s a fun song about shaking your bacon. Ahem. Well you get the idea, right? It was so much fun and we did shake our bacon! Many times in fact.

I don’t speak or read German, but I found the translation via Google and it’s pretty hilarious. The translation is not near as fun sounding as the German version being sung is. In fact, it’s got a pretty catchy beat. Someone said the song is about a man in a bar who likes big bummed ladies and he asks her to shake it and I’d say they’re right. The song is: Schüttel deinen Speck by Peter Fox.

We were to perform in the street just outside the dining room of the home but sadly one of the residents had tested positive for Covid, so all the residents needed to stay in their rooms. We went around to three sides of the building to try and reach as many as we could. The residents were standing at their windows watching, clapping and cheering us on. It was still a success. I could see the enjoyment on their faces which made it more than worth the effort.

Hopefully, you can see us in action below. I didn’t take the video obviously. My friend’s husband did, thanks Ron! If you don’t see a video, click here to view it in Facebook.

Video of our first dance for the Charles Ford Home

After our dance for the retirement home, we stalked the streets looking to dance again for a local Ghost Walk in New Harmony. It was a great Witchy Halloween! If you’re so inclined, check out Haunted New Harmony.

witches gathering in the street
Taking the show on the road!

The next day, (witch was actually Halloween) I dressed up the same again but my face makeup a little bit tweaked for the better. I painted a crow shaped mask on myself both times, one just worked out better than the other. My friend Jody invited me over for chili and and a campfire. A little low key, but fun none the less.

Crow faced witch Jaime Haney
My Halloween makeup.

⬅︎Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Exhibit

paintings by Jaime Haney
Some of my paintings

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