Oy! pieces of an easel

Last year I bought myself a new easel and it’s been sitting in it’s skinny little box leering at me ever since. I’ve had it leaning on whatever surface it will lean on and then having to move it to get to something.

putting the easel together before it went horribly wrong

As you’ll be able to tell from my pictures, my studio is now crammed and a total mess. Funny how that happens. I saw a funny graphic on Facebook the other day that said something to the effect of “creativity is messy and I am VERY creative”. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

me putting together new large easel with screwdriver

Anyway, so here I am with the handy dandy screwdriver, which came with the easel thankfully. It’s not that we don’t have tools sitting around, oh it’s just the opposite. My hubby just won’t let me use any of them. Something about he’ll just have to re-do it the right way anyway.

So I was really proud of myself getting all the way to the end I could see it all coming together and it had gone well thanks to the ultra informative instructions in spanish. *insert eye roll* See me working all hard and stuff.

But then it happened. I was putting this pulley thingy on it to move up and down and there were pre-drilled holes. I don’t know who thought that was a good idea to put those in there but the screws ended up looking like crooked teeth. One was pointing this way and the others pointing that way. I tried and tried to straighten them up with the piece of crap screwdriver they supplied. Damn. I was going to have to ask for help.

To turn this long boring story into a happy and short story. The easel happily put itself together magically! Tada! Not exactly. Turns out I had all kinds of things wrong and we (as in he) had to take the whole thing apart and redo it. pfftttt.

My building things is as good as my math he says. Oh well, let’s see him throw together meat, cheese, veggies and water and make it magically delicious. Never mind, it’s together now and I can’t wait to take pictures of me painting huge paintings on it. I pretty much live my life as that saying goes… if you can’t be a good example you’ll have to be a horrible warning. Yep.

finished easel all together

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