Ok, if it weren’t for the twins being so cute, they might be out the door today! I don’t know which one is doing it, but I think it’s the boy cat. I’ve been having to clean up little pee puddles around the baseboard in the kitchen. I had a towel on the floor by the kitchen door to wipe Zoey’s feet off with and I caught Thunder scratching around it and low and behold I picked it up and a turd fell out and Zoey ate it as fast as she could and then I found the pee spot as I picked it up… with my hands. Ugh.

Then as I’m cleaning that all up and get started on something else I notice a bucket that has a bag full of shells in it has pee in it. I have to clean that all up. As I’m cleaning that up and washing the bucket I hear the water bowl fall over. Water spilled all over the floor. Again. This is not the first time, you would think I would learn. I use a large Country Crock margarine bowl for Zoey’s water bowl and the kittens climb up on it to drink out of it and if it’s not really full and heavy, it falls over. The kittens have their own low non-tipping water bowl but of course they want Zoey’s water.

I also cannot keep them out of my plants, so I’ve put aluminum foil over the dirt only to have them walk all over it and poke holes in it with their razor like claws. Today I’m standing at the stove making a ham and cheese and Lightning climbs my leg like its a scratch post! It’s like Wild Kingdom in here. They are wild cats! Last night I had to roll up my curtains because one of them is climbing them like a rock wall. They think my couch is their speedway and it sounds like velcro ripping apart from their little claws.

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