What are Jolly Jester’s you ask? Why they’re nothing but fantastic looking bi-color marigolds! I sketched these this morning and colored them in with colored pencils. It is a little gift for a friend along with the seeds. Shhhh… she doesn’t know about it yet. 

I just love marigolds. They are supposed to keep away mosquitos so they are great in containers on the deck or porch. They are said to keep away other bugs that eat up your plants. They are a great companion plant, tuck them in-between your tomatoes. I just love their smell, I love how perky they always are and how they just last forever in my area. Really. I’ll have marigolds blooming all the way to Thanksgiving unless there is an ice storm. If you’ve noticed, there is a beautiful marigold in my header up above, straight from my garden 🙂

This is actually the first creative thing I’ve made in my new art studio!! I have some tweaking to do in it. Nothing like working in a space to figure out what is all wrong about it. Lighting for one needs to be more directed and brighter. Next, legs on a work table to make it higher and I am a sitter while drawing. I still have some piddly little things to put away and I swear my books and more art supplies are up there multiplying in the dark. I’m really tired of making the trip up and down the stairs but I’ve just about got it licked.

Oh, remember my dehydrating experiment? Well… what like 4 days later and that thing is still running! I’ve got the very last of batch number two in there now. I discovered it is good to check them every few hours and move the trays around so dry evenly. The ones at the bottom are rather crunchy. Oh well, still fun and wow they pack a punch of flavor! Very condensed tomato taste.

Here’s what they looked like whilst drying…

then after…

If you need a lot, you’ll be busy for quite a while…

It was fun, I look forward to trying them but probably not until my tomatoes quit producing which hopefully won’t be until late October and maybe November if this heat wave continues!

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