Here’s a little magnet I made with a cute phrase by Gale. It is 3 inches by 3 inches. It turned out pretty cute, I may make a bookmark with it and maybe a greeting card… who knows.

I’m rather disillusioned with the whole art show/craft show scene. I have a craft show this Saturday and I’m ready to bail. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure I’m not going now. I feel like we’re beating a dead horse here…  I don’t know if it’s the economy or just the general lack of interest but we (my partner and I) are tired of putting so much into our pieces and just not getting anything out of it, including sales. She’s busy, I’m busy and nothing is getting my full attention.

It’s a little bit of a relief to say it out loud and liberating. When it starts to feel like a burden, I guess it’s just not right. I’ll still keep my Artfire and Etsy shop going, and maybe even continue to add items but the shows are just not a viable way for us to sell it seems. I hope to concentrate on my son and spending more time with him as I know these precious years are fleeting. I don’t want him to think that Mommy is always on the “puter” and not making things or spending time with him, so I’m going to make a change.

I still plan to blog, as this is an outlet for me and I’ve made such wonderful friendships with a lot of you. I really enjoy reading your blogs as well. And who knows, this may change in a year or so, I’m rather emotional at the moment so I can’t seem to keep my mind made up but my soul feels lighter now that I’ve decided this and I don’t like feeling yucky and not good enough.

So please, keep coming around… you guys are my only cheerleaders since I’ve lost my mother. Speaking of which the 20th of this month is the one year mark.

*long breath*

a long and lonely year. I miss her terribly and wonder will this pit in my stomach and tears running down my cheeks ever stop?

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