Not much has progressed with our koi pond since we first started. Life gets in the way. But I did manage to pot up some plants for the pond today. Also, I noticed we have baby fish!! I’m so excited! I can’t believe they’ve made it with no where for them to hide, so that kinda spurred me on to do the pots. I had the plants there and waiting on me, just hadn’t done it. Now I’m so glad I did. I am quite pleased with the way they look and maybe it will push my hubby back into “pond mode”… haha

Anyway, enjoy the pics πŸ™‚

This waterfall spills into the lake
Main waterfall getting some character with the algae
Pot is on concrete block in middle of pond

another view of plants in middle of pond
Plants in a pot on a pond shelf we made, almost not big enough!
another view of shelf plant

Here’s a picture I took today of the twins Thunder and Lightning. Can you believe how much they’ve grown? They are 10 months old now and look like regular cats, not the cute cuddly little fur balls they were. But I still love ’em. They’ve been booted outside, so I don’t get many pics of them anymore.

Thunder (l) and Lightning (r) now 10 months old

And look at Zoey posing just as pretty as a picture.

Zoey in the summer grass

Happy Friday and Happy Independence Day Weekend everyone!
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