street view of Kunstfest in New Harmony Indiana 2013Ah it’s the weekend. I just love sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend in my town there was a German festival called Kunstfest. German bologna, homemade ice cream, bratwurst and all kinds of other yummies along with art, crafts, magic tricks and music.

I stopped and watched this guy sketch this pretty little girl as she held her sleeping Chihuahua. I love to watch other artists work. It makes me want to get in my studio that’s for sure. I asked him how many portraits he had done today and he said about ten.

artist sketching a young girl

The little town was bustling. It draws a lot of tourists in. I always love the exciting feeling of a festival with people laughing, music and good smells wafting through the air. I saw a few friends and we stood there and caught up a little to see what’s happening in each others lives. What a great first day of fall.

What are you doing this first weekend of fall?

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