I wanted to take a minute out of my mad dash week before a show to share this awesome course I’ve found called WooCamp where you learn how to rank with search engines. You know like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You want to be ranking, don’t you? Yes, yes you do.

If you’re like me, you have a WooCommerce online store and you’re trying to sell your wares… for me it’s my paintings.

It can seem impossible to rank on the first page of Google or even the 45th page! After just the first video of WooCamp, I’m finding out why. I’m doing it all wrong!

Nobody tells us these kinds of secrets! Well I guess they’re not secrets, but if you’re not a techie then this kind of information is not easy to find let alone understand. Heck you don’t even know you need the information! You just go around wondering why your stats suck.

I’ve just discovered and have signed up for this course called WooCamp – WooCommerce SEO by Brad Griffin. He has all these videos for you to watch and learn how to rank with search engines and I can’t believe how easy it is so far. Everything he has taught so far has been easy to implement. Stuff nobody tells you! But Brad does.

A little bit of information about my site – I use WordPress.org and as of right now my theme is Divi by Elegant Themes, my shop is run by WooCommerce. You don’t have to use any paid theme. You could use the free Storefront theme with great success according to Brad and he shows examples. I’m sold.

learn how to get your WooCommerce store to rank in the search engines by following the easy WooCamp course by Brad Griffin

WooCommerce SEO – WooCamp

I am not finished with the class yet, because there really are a lot of videos but I am making changes along as I go and I’ve been taking copious notes that have been very helpful because there is so much we have to learn!

I have to tell you, this course is not flashy. Brad must not be into branding too much or at least not yet but don’t hold that against him. That might be how he keeps the price down. The graphics are simple, the layout not great. But the information he shares in the course is gold. I love his personality, he throws in just enough humor and down to earth Dad-ness that I feel very at ease and it’s like I’m learning from a friend, not a guru.

I’d much rather have someone who I feel like I could yell Hey! and wave to while walking down the road and have them wave back than to some fancy pants course mogul where you won’t even get a personal reply from. If fact, I’ve already had questions and Brad has one on one helped me through them. I kinda feel like he is my personal Woo Coach, LOL!

So, if you’re wanting to make your business grow and start selling products then you’ve got to…

Learn how to rank with search engines

Go to his site and look around, watch his intro video, read the reviews, get some freebie tidbits of information while you’re there then make sure to sign up before the price goes up. I’m sure it will, this is good stuff.

I do want to disclose Brad offered me and affiliate program so if you do like what you see and use my link then I get a little kick back. But seriously, this program is so helpful even if I wasn’t getting a kickback I would share it with you anyway. I’ve already been yammering on about it in my Facebook groups before I had the affiliate link.

Also, I’ve updated my Artist? page with this new course information. What? You don’t’ know about my Artist? page? It’s a page I’ve dedicated all the information I’ve learned to help other artists learn how to start selling their own artwork. Of course all the information I offer is free. If you’re an artist or know an artist that should be selling their masterpieces then go take a look… it’s here.

Go get started! And tell Brad I said Hey!

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Brad Griffin teaching you to build a SEO Google ranking website

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