You’re never too old learn. I learn something everyday. Sometimes it’s because I’ve done something stupid. Other and better times… is because I chose to learn something new. Happily, today I can share that it’s something I’ve chosen to learn. A new painting technique.

finished orange zinnia painting

I painted this orange zinnia last week and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it. It’s very different from my normal style, but I like it. I won’t paint like this all of the time, but it’s fun and refreshing to try something new. I found it challenging.

Maybe I’ll incorporate some of what I’m learning right now with this new technique into my regular style. My style is mostly fairly detailed for representational subjects. Of course, abstract works are much looser.

What makes this painting so much different than my style? The broad loose strokes for one. I always use vivid colors, so that’s no different. Also, there’s really no blending from one color to another. The strokes are sharp and they use optical blending to fool the eye into transitioning from one color to the next.

The way this painting was created was very methodical and planned out. I tend to paint a little more intuitively. Both styles have value and I don’t think one is any better than the other. I enjoy both.

I’m learning this technique from an artist I found named Ali Kay. She has a painting membership and I thought I’d try it out to learn something new.

The technique for this style of painting is layers upon layers from dark to light with short broad and intentional strokes.

Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers, they always remind me of my mom. I particularly love orange zinnias especially paired with hot pink ones. Just the other day, I bought a couple packs of zinnia seeds. I always collect my seeds from my flowers, but it never hurts to have new ones.

This painting has got me ready for spring that’s for sure. I love this little 8″x8″ painting and will keep it but I will offer it as a print and note cards.

I’m excited to try more paintings in this style and see if it starts to morph into my own. You’ll be seeing more of it, I’m sure.

Happy last day of March!

finished orange zinnia painting

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