Aquarius Moon painting

Today’s post is continuing with a project I’m sharing called 21 Days in my art world. The prompt is Lessons Learned.

Once again, please forgive the hashtags. This was taken from a post I made on Instagram where hashtags are a way to have your content more easily found. I keep hearing stories about using hashtags and it goes one way or the other. The theory is if you have too many hashtags Instagram doesn’t like that. While another way to go about it is to add the hashtags to the comments, I’ve done that too. Some theories say use all the hashtags available to you, which is 30 per post. Who knows.

In this ever increasingly noisy digital world of ours one thing is certain. It is getting harder and harder to actually be found without paying money. It’s a pay to play format mostly. So this is another reason why I am taking my content that I put a lot of though into (from Instagram) and sharing it here on my blog, where I don’t have to worry about any algorithms.

On to the Lessons Learned. I’ve indented my actual post from Instagram to call it out easier.

Aquarius Moon, turquoise and blue sky with full moon shining behind a large tree without leaves
Aquarius Moon

This post is about “Lessons Learned” as part of the #21daysinmyartworld . I painted this painting along with it’s companion piece on recycled wood that was once part of a shipping crate. I remember thinking of how cool it was that I was using recycled materials and how pleased I was with how large it was. When I was finished and I needed to attach hardware so it could hang, I realized my mistake. My beautiful panel was starting to warp. There was no way to attach hardware and it hang flush on the wall. Not only that but I hadn’t noticed before that the panel wasn’t square. I had to resort to asking for help to get it straight and flat again. We ended up having to cut off about 8” which meant a lot of my texture I had added was now gone. We added a structure behind it to support it and it now hovers away from the wall, which was a happy accident but I still hate that so much was cut off. Lesson learned, now I make sure to use a substrate that won’t warp and is square before I even start my painting. This is titled “Aquarius Moon”. #jaimehaneyart

Looking back at this painting I recall the heartbreak I felt having to cut off so many inches of paint and texture. It’s still a strong painting without it and you wouldn’t even know anything was missing if I hadn’t shared this information but it still kinda stinks. It truly was an important – one of many – lessons learned.

From this mistake, I now try to think far in advance when creating any work on substrates other than canvas. Even painting on paper requires a little foresight. I still have some shipping crate wood that I’m able to use. If I choose to use it, you can bet I’ll make the proper precautions before I add any paint to it.

If you’d like to see the painting while I painted it including the part that was cut off from my lessons learned post, click here.

This painting is available as a print here.

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