I thought I’d share the momentous occasion of the solar eclipse with you from our 99% Totality rural home. Let me just start off by saying the hype for this has been incredible. It’s all we heard about on the news, but also that meant we weren’t hearing the normal back and forth of the political scene which I can’t stand so that made it a welcome reprieve.

Solar eclipse glasses were a hot commodity! I didn’t plan ahead and when I thought, you know I better be snaggin’ a couple pairs of those they were completely gone from everywhere around me. The day a store or library got in a shipment, within an hour they were gone. People online starting price gouging, typical.

Lucky for me, my husband came home with a pair sent from his work. My son was provided a pair from school so we ended up being golden. I had resigned to the fact that I might not even view the eclipse when I started hearing on the news of fakes being sold  – meaning you could buy a pair that would not protect your eyes! That was really scary for me, I mean after all what good would I be as an artist if I cannot see? For me that was almost the deal breaker.

solar eclipse seen through colander

I did the old colander trick. Wish it were in focus more.

But the day of the eclipse and the presence of Daryl’s glasses the temptation was too great. I had to see it. Plus, I thought surely the company doesn’t want to have all the employees go blind. So I gave in.

Jaime watching the solar eclipse

enjoying the show

watching the solar eclipse

The hubs looking at the solar eclipse as we took turns with the glasses

I was glad I did. It struck me though, the thought of it actually is kind of silly when you think if we hadn’t been told about the eclipse a lot of us wouldn’t have even known about it. While I did notice a strange and eerie light around us that day when the eclipse was in full swing, my husband did not. Some are just more sensitive to light I guess. Or he didn’t want to admit he saw it… haha. It might appear as just a cloud going over the sun. Who knows. Our birds never quite chirping, but the cicadas did start their loud summer song early.

It was pretty profound though, I have to admit. I watched the eclipse via the Science channel and saw when it first occurred in Oregon. What a sight! Here with the 99% totality, it wasn’t near the impact as full totality. I was surprised we didn’t get more action than that. Go figure. The sun is powerful! Even if you just have a sliver of it.

I thought this was cool as I walked back in the house. Little crescents of the sun as filtered through the trees.

eclipses seen through the tree leaves

Seeing all the people gathered together to view this uncommon event was heartening for me. It makes you feel like there is hope for us all after all. It’s like going to the movies… you all sit in a large dark room together and sitting next to a complete stranger. There is a sort of commraoditry that happens, especially if the bad guy is getting clobbered or there is a scary part and even a light hearted comedy. People come together. You don’t know their political stance, they’re just people. I like that.

99% totality solar eclipse time


On a side note, from all the hype about the eclipse I actually started a painting of a fantasy eclipse and it was has since been finished and sold! I do have prints available here though. I co-titled it with the help of my collector and friend Missy! She also is the proud owner. Here is “Luna Synchronicity”.

"Luna Synchronicity" abstract painting of the solar eclipse

“Luna Synchronicity”

paintings by Jaime Haney

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