I’ve been working on a new bird series the last couple weeks and today I finished the sixth little bird which was an indigo bunting. Yesterday, I painted the varied bunting and before that the gold finch. Take a look below at them in all their cuteness.

painted indigo bunting

painted varied bunting, a purple and red little bird

painting of a yellow and black gold finch on branch. little bird series

Here they are all together, my Little Bird Series.

series of six painted little birds on their own 4"x4" canvas

These little birds are all on 4×4″ canvases that are an inch and a half deep. As you can see they stand off the wall nicely. This is actually a flat surface that I photographed (not very well I might add) because I still need to varnish them all.

I think this little bird series turned out pretty cute. I love all their mannerisms and the fact that some are little squawky noise makers and others are just watching the show. It’s kinda like the Brady Bunch of bird series, remember how the show started with all of their heads in squares? Hah! I used to watch that show all the time and my dad would make fun of it and call them the Brady Brats. Luckily, my taste in television has improved.

When I was planning this series, I thought maybe I would sell them as one piece like a set. Now that I see them all, I think they stand alone just fine even though they are mini’s. Some people on Facebook have indicated a particular one they liked so I didn’t want turn them off by saying they had to buy them all.

I’ll have this Little Bird series at my next art show “Spring Fling” which is just around the corner. The dates for it are Saturday and Sunday, March 19th & 20th (2016). If you just don’t want to wait and would like to buy it now, I’ve added them to my shop here on my website on the original miniatures page. See more about Spring Fling and other art shows on my Events page including times, directions and other information needed.

In case you missed the post about the first three of the birds, the tufted titmouse, the wren and the white breasted nuthatch you can catch it here with work in progress photos as well.

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