Today I rode along to St. Louis with my dad. For me that is a 3 hour drive. We went to see the annual Spring Art Fair at Queeny Park. It didn’t disappoint. It was chocked full of very talented artists of different walks of life… and medium. My dad used to attend the show as an artist for 10 years to be exact, but as he has gotten older, and works full time… he is too tired to do much creating after working all day. He and I both got fired up though as we walked along the colorful and inspiring show. He has plans after retirement to get back into the scene and I’ll bet he will do more of the gallery route as he rediscovers how exhausting it is. Plus, Mom was always there for moral support and his own personal cheerleader and with her gone… well it’s just not the same. We both talked about how much we missed her and would point out pieces to one another that we knew she would love.

The crowd was about what you would expect when it is a gorgeous spring Saturday in April. But I did see people walking around with bags of their purchases. I hope they all sold something and at least paid the booth fee. I know first hand how disheartening that can be to not sell at a show. I picked up a few pieces myself and will post a few pictures as soon as I download them from my camera. I just love to have real art in my home and wish I had a billion dollars to help support the incredible talent out there.
We had a great time and I could tell he was glad to do something fun for a change instead of just stay home. We chatted the whole time back and driving home flew by. For those of you near that area, the art fair is going on again on Sunday from 11-4 and you can download a $1 off coupon to enter, which is only $5 anyway. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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