Well, I don’t know what the appropriate time to wait is, but I think we’ve waited long enough while grieving for Banshee. Although it’s strange to grieve for her not knowing for sure that she is gone. But I have accepted that she is not coming home to us. I got to looking and she was 12 and a half. She lived a great life here with us and we miss her terribly. I especially miss her sweet face looking up from under the pine trees when I come home. She would also greet me at my car door, her soft muzzle gently bumping my hand wanting and getting love in return. I’m getting a little misty eyed just thinking of that sweet face I’ll never touch again. I was her main care giver and I think her loss has affected me the most.

We are not replacing her, but bringing in a new family member to add joy and laughter to our lives that we miss with Banshee being gone. I have a bit of a struggle on my hands, unfortunately though. My husband was raised on a small farm and animals were kept outside. So of course he wants an outside dog. Asher and I do not, we want an inside one that we can snuggle and love all the time, no matter how hot or cold outside.

Banshee was an outside dog, which I hated but had to go along with. She was destructive as a puppy and while we were both at work, she got bored. She also hated her crate and howled… well like a banshee all through the night. She had the coat for winter and I groomed her to thin it out for summer and later in her life I started to shave her for summer, which she hated… ha ha. I’ve looked for the photos of the first time I did it and she looked like a cartoon character. She was mad at me for a few days with that one.

This disagreement has been a source of trouble for my husband and me, but I’m sure once he gets used to it, he’ll love having an inside dog, too. Growing up, we always had an inside dog, they were part of the family. I want that for Asher… and myself again. Besides, he is not home (awake) for many hours during the day and we are here all the time.

I’ve done my secret search with petfinder.com and have come to find two little girls that I think will make a great match for Asher and myself. I want to share them with you. I have contacted both the foster owners and am anxiously awaiting for their replies. I keep checking my email, since that’s how they want it, over and over! I want to go look right now!!! Asher has surprisingly understood the secrecy. I’ve showed him the pictures and he is excited. So here they are:

This is Zoey

And this is Shena

Oh my goodness, if they are still available… how will I ever decide???? Both of those faces just make me melt. Asher says lets get both!! Well, that might push my husband over the edge, so we better not.

Shena is a puppy and I have to admit I am leaning towards her. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier Boxer mix. Which really doesn’t matter too much to me just that she loves us and we love her is all that matters.

Zoey, is a Spaniel Engish Setter mix, which again doesn’t matter. She is 2-3 years old and past the puppy stage (seductively!) She is well mannered and already accustomed to a 3 year old child.

So an upcoming post will either be about the girls or a pending divorce… haha just kidding. I think I will win this one. Wish me luck ladies!

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

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