Mocee the studio cat in window and wip of luna moth

Look at Mocee sitting in the window. You can’t see it from this photo, but there is a bird feeder hanging just to the left and she is enthralled with the cardinals and other little birds feasting on it. Her little whiskers twitching and going nuts, haha.

As you can see, I’ve got a new painting started, I’m on a roll! This painting is going to be a Luna moth on pink flower petals. I was attracted to a photo taken by my friend and fellow artist Alma Drain for its colors. What a beautiful color combination it already is and I’ll take my artistic license to tweak it here and there. (Thank you Alma!)laying in the pink flower petalsWhile I’m sharing, here is my messy work space in my studio at the moment. I keep moving around in my studio painting. I’ve found a good spot here with the natural light coming in from my greenhouse door. If you’ll notice, I’ve got the five senses going here… touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing. Holding the brush and painting while listening to music I hear my wind chimes through my open windows and pond water babbling from the little koi pond just outside. Quenching my thirst is my ever there iced tea, mmm and the occasional M&M popped in my mouth. Heavenly I tell you, I love it. I even burn a little incense sometimes… it reminds me of growing up. Good memories.
my current painting area in my art studio

Enjoy your day my dear friends!

*day 17 of 30 days of my life

p.s. I missed day 16, oh well I’m doing pretty good for the most part.

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