Wow, how did the middle of December get here so quickly? It just seems like yesterday when I was starting the Magical Patchwork collection which I called smalls back in October. What?! October? Jeesh.

Yet another reminder of how fast time is passing.

At any rate, I’m not here to complain about time like I normally do. I’m here to share the changes I’ve made to these smalls… and to show them off a bit.

First of all I’ve named the collection Magical Patchwork and second and probably most importantly, I’ve worked on them more. Lots of embellishment went on. More layers and colors and details. Consequently, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Below, is a pile of paintings I laid out to take a fun photo of. There are 16 in the series so this doesn’t show them all.

The Magical Patchwork painting collection on a work table.

I matted them, then packaged them up to take to Christmas at the Cabin 2022 which went wonderfully I might add. I sold a few of them there. Next, I’ll get them listed in my shop. Which brings me to an announcement I haven’t made yet but I guess I’m spilling the beans now. (Below is Stay Awhile. I used gilding paint to paint the moon with this fanciful tree in front of her).

Stay Awhile is a painting of a fanciful tree with dangling flowers in front of a big metallic gold moon.

I’m moving my online shop, where you can buy my paintings and prints and anything else that I sell, to a new online location. It’s a work in process. My new domain for this shop and new website is I don’t have anything listed for sale there yet, but I’m working on it. I have put a few pages up like my new About page, Events, Galleries and a Newsletter sign up page. (Below is Flowers of Service)

Flowers of Service is a painting of abstract flowers in brown and turquoise with dark yellow wash background on watercolor paper.

Faso (who I’ve decided to go with) is a company that specializes in artists websites, particularly e-commerce. Now I’ve had an e-commerce site for years here on my WordPress site using WooCommerce and it’s worked just fine for selling my art. However, the upkeep is neverending and the scam artists are relentless. (Below is Phantasy Phlowers)

Phantasy Phlowers is a painting on watercolor paper of abstract turquoise flowers with purple stripes. Orangey yellow background.

You can not even imagine how many fake orders I’ve gotten in the last couple of years. All trying to steal money from me. One succeeded when PayPal wouldn’t back me up as a merchant. Boo. And shame on them. Why artists are a target, I’ll never know but we are. Everyday I get emails or direct messages on Instagram, they even come from my Contact Me page here on this site. Hell, even as I write this, I’ve gotten five emails telling me a user is locked out from signing in. They’re trying to gain admin access to my site the bastards.

I give up. I want the freedom and more time to create my art, not worry if my site is up to date and all my plugins are compatible or that some loser from overseas is planning a hostile takeover of my site. (Below is Electric Branches)

Painting of naked trees with multiple layers of lines and circles. Plums, turquoise and burnt orange.

So that’s where Faso comes in. A couple of my artist friends use Faso and highly recommend it, so I’m giving it a whirl. It’s a lot of work to move all my work over there and basically, I’m building an entire new site but I’m hoping it’s worth it. The look is appealing, there’s lots of templates to choose from and I’m longing for ease of use.

They even have a nifty feature where you can sign up to receive what they call Art Alerts. Emails to let you know when I list a new painting. I thought that was pretty cool. It sends it automatically to my collectors who sign up, I don’t have to do anything but list a new painting for sale. Sweet.

What’s this mean to you or any of my collectors? Not much really. I’ll actually keep my blog here on WordPress and link directly to listings on my new Faso site where they can be easily purchased without my worry of fraud. I will however get rid of my WooCommerce part on So no paintings, prints, note cards or anything will be available on here for long. I’m paid up for Faso for a year, then I’ll decide if it’s worth the money or not and go from there. I really hope it is. I’m tired of trying to juggle it all.

More from Magical Patchwork soon. Thanks for being here. I so love to connect with my friends… that’s you dear reader! Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings I’ve created

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