Mary did you know?

Above is a watercolor painting of Mary holding the baby Jesus I painted about a year ago in a friend of mine’s sketchbook. It has some metallic paints adding an iridescent shimmer that turned out beautiful. I felt it was fitting for this post, just 6 days before Christmas.

I have not commented on the tragedy in Newtown yet, for truly words and tears escape me. I will say however, that as an artist I try to bring thought, hope, contemplation, happiness and beauty to the world, I feel it’s my mission. All I can possibly offer besides my prayers for peace to those families and town is to keep creating my art for the world. I find it much easier to type about it than to speak of it, which I still am not able to do.

Actually, as I reread what I just wrote I have to clarify a little bit. As artist’s we try to bring beauty to the world. Sometimes that beauty comes in the form of disfigurement or chaos leaving you wondering how is that beauty? But beauty comes in many forms and sometimes it takes a while to find the beauty in something. But when you do, it changes how you will find beauty forever more.

There is no way to find any beauty in the tragedy, I’m not saying that. No one would ever not want nor wish for that event to have happened but after that tragic event there was beauty. Beauty of the human spirit to reach out and help fellow-man. Help through prayer, thoughts and the endless ways the volunteers and responders helped. I grieve with everyone for those families. May God give them peace, may God give us all peace.

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