Asher was a “Green Monster” for Halloween this year. He’s been telling everyone for 2 months that’s what he was going to be, since green is his favorite color after all. As I was trying to apply his green makeup to his squirming furry self (the day of) he told me “I don’t want to be green today” wah! Through gritted teeth I growled at him “too bad, mommy spent all this time making this green costume and you’re wearing it whether you want to or not!” so some of the pictures are of him pouting. The child cannot bear for me to be mad at him, so he chased me down soon after wanting to make up and needing a hug and kiss and of course getting green and black makeup all over my newly washed jeans.

I have to admit he, he tore the costume before Daddy even got to see him. Which was like 5 minutes after he had it on and I got out a stapler to fix it. By the end of the trick or treating night, it was in sad shape.
We are those people that you hate that drive to your neighborhood and get out to trick or treat 🙂 As we live in the boondocks, there are just not enough houses to justify walking half a mile to each one. Good thing too, cause even though Asher understood the whole trick or treating thing this year, and didn’t walk in people’s houses, he still pooped out way too early and made Daddy carry him back to the starting point. When I was a kid, I literally walked for hours and hours. My mom sold Avon back in the 1970’s and I would go with her on her route and hit paydirt. Then I would do our neighborhood and beyond! I got so much candy I had it for months it seemed. I remember my mom and dad “checking the candy” and bringing it back to me short of all the good candy bars. I caught on to that pretty quick.
Well, I hate it that Halloween is over and I didn’t even dress up this year. But next year will be different. I’m already counting down.
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