It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a Spring Garden Tour. I’m excited to share these photos with you even though they are already 6 days old and a lot has already changed. I’ll jump right in with the front yard and this flowering dogwood tree. This is pretty much in full bloom.


Looking towards the house, and you see what I call the “round garden” and in it is iris, daylilies, false indigo and lots of other pretties. Just to the left and back a little is the swing garden with the Jose re-blooming lilac and it smells fantastic!

Isn’t the form of the black walnut tree over my greenhouse just beautiful? I love it even though I could do without the giant walnuts falling onto my greenhouse that sounds like canon balls.


Here’s a close up of that Jose Re-blooming lilac bloom.

Jose Re-blooming lilac

I have to show one of my favorite color combinations I’ve got going right now and that’s the Jose Re-blooming lilac and the columbine.

Jose Re-blooming lilac and red columbine

The red columbine is just charming, isn’t it?

red columbine

The roofers just finished putting on the roof to our house today and I’m so glad. Here’s the remaining twin of the silver maple tree that fell on the house. Even without its twin, it’s enormous. Don’t know about the tree incident? Read about that here. 

Twin maple still standing

Just look at this viburnum… isn’t it breathtaking? I’ve got a photo somewhere on here I think of when I planted this thing. It was just a pip squeak in about a quart pot and just look at it now. I guess I should have something here for the size reference but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

garden tour with the viburnum

Also in the front yard is the glamorous ‘septic garden’… LOL

My husband said no garden so it started out as that pot in the center. Well you see what happened, it grew. Shhhhhh…

Inside it is one lonely purple iris bloom but isn’t the gray foliage pretty with the burgundy barberry? Siberian iris is the right top quadrant and about 8:00 is orange daylilies. I usually put an annual vine in the pot like Mandevilla.

septic garden

So follow me over to the greenhouse, we’ll go down the rustic flagstone steps and head towards Studio Gardens.

Here is “Miss Bateman”, an early blooming clematis. I moved her a few years ago from her home growing up a telephone pole to this spot. I think she needs some compost and or fertilizer. I didn’t get many blooms this year.

Miss Bateman clematis vine

But her white blooms are beautiful even though there are just a few. The little mouse statue likes them too, see him under the spurge?

Miss Bateman clematis vine

Walk down the steps for the rest of the spring garden tour please…

curved steps going to Studio Gardens

You’ll see lots of daylilies that have filled in so nicely and sedum over taking my Japanese fern which you can’t see but it’s right by the white flowers of the Star of Bethlehem. Coneflower is looking perky and has spread around happily too. The coral bells or heuchera as I call them are tidy little obedient plants.

curved steps going to Studio Gardens

Okay so we’ve reached the bottom of the stairs and excuse me but I started to mulch and then somewhere in-between the rain and the roofers I fell off the mulching wagon. The weeds have been fierce this year. Round the corner to the right and Welcome to Studio Gardens!

I think I took the next two photos a day or two earlier than the rest. Isn’t it amazing how fast things change in Spring?

Here’s the left side of my koi pond. My pots are all ready for their soon to come flowers.

Studio Gardens koi pond left side

Here’s the right side… Last fall, my pond clarifier which keeps the algae at bay went on the fritz. It was the second time the actual unit went out so we decided to try a new one this year. Before we had Pondmaster and the ballaster went out with no way to change it. After buying the expensive bulb, we discovered this. It worked great, when it worked. But man it was pricey.

So we’ve switched to the Tetra brand and I’ll keep you informed about it. So far, it’s fighting to keep up with the algae growth. Hopefully, it will gain control. We may have bought too small of one, I’m not sure but it’s taking a long time to clear it out.

Studio Gardens koi pond right side

I picked up a lot of flowers already, but I’ll share that in another post. But I will show you this new bunny statue I bought myself. Isn’t he the sweetest? I love how different he looks. Like he’s out of a fairy tale, or at least that what it reminds me of. I’m not a fan of cutesy and this seems a little more sophisticated.

I hate the word cute but I find I use it all the time. Really, I should find an alternative. Do you have words like that?

bunny garden statue

Thanks for taking the Spring Garden tour… come back for more photos soon. I’ve been taking a lot!

As usual, I’m spreading myself thin this time of year. I have an outdoor art show “Funk in the City” May 11th. See more info about it on my Events Page. But I always have to make time for my muse… my gardens.

plant paintings for sale online

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page in the menu at the top. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started creating more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is mystery.

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