3 miniature canvases of roosters and hensHere’s what I’m working on today. They will all get paint and I’m thinking bright colors. Really I don’t paint anything without bright colors. I love vivid color, not to say I don’t appreciate all colors because I do. Everything I paint just seems to be brightly colored subconsciously.

My mom loved roosters. She had quite a collection and I love them, too. Maybe because of association, it’s what I grew up with. But I find it funny that my tastes and preferences are very close to what my mothers were. I remember she would tell me “I used to have my house (or whatever… fill in the blank) just like that!” I would roll my eyes and sometimes be irritated but now find it endearing and love it that I have her taste. She had great taste.

Come back to see these chickens in all their colorful glory, hopefully tomorrow.

p.s. today is not only dun dun dun… TAX DAY but Day 14 of 30 Days of my Life blogging “challenge”

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