This past weekend I attended the second MiniCon at Alexandrian Public Library in Mt. Vernon, Indiana as a vendor.

Last year was so much fun that when I found out they were having another one, I immediately signed up. Below is my booth this year.

Jaime Haney at MiniCon

What’s a MiniCon you ask? Wikipedia calls it “… a science fiction and fantasy convention”. I saw everything from Star Wars characters, Disney princesses to video game characters. It was a diverse group and there were so many creative costumes made by the attendees.

That’s what I’m wanting to share with you today, some of the best ones I saw. You might know I’m a huge costume fan – I make my own Halloween costume and make up each year. In fact, I have a page full of my own creations, most with tutorials, here.

MiniCon Highlights

I met the lady in the middle, her name was Terri. What an interesting lady she was and we talked and talked. She made that Obi-Wan Kenobi costume herself and that’s how our conversation began. Well, after I asked if I could photograph her.

The guy on the left is a Tie Fighter Pilot I believe and I’m not sure what the lady on the right is, I’m limited on my Star Wars knowledge.

Star Wars Crew
Star Wars Crew

Next up is this adorable Poe Dameron with a Baby Chewbacca.

Poe Dameron character

Keeping the event lively were the Ai No Hoshi Maid Cafe. Now, I don’t exactly know what these characters are or their names or even where they come from but I’d guess it’s from a video game. If you know, please feel free to educate me in the comments.

I love seeing the young people using their creativity. I could tell they were having fun as were most of the people. They had business cards and gave me one and asked to tag them on Instagram, so I did. It turns out they’re running a business for this service as entertainment for these kind of events and even private events. Now that’s creative entrepreneurship. Here’s a link to their site.

Ai No Hoshi Maid Cafe
Ai No Hoshi Maid Cafe

Here’s another Star Wars scene. It’s a Star Wars droids and parts stand called “Utinni Larry’s Used Droids and Parts”. I thought the Jawas were a nice touch. Those are the humanoid characters in the brown robes with glowing eyes.

Star Wars droids and parts stand

One of the most detailed costumes I saw was Valkyrie from the video game Rainbow Six Siege. I know this one from my son’s video games. I showed him this photo and he was pretty impressed.

She told me it had taken her about a year to prepare her costume. The military garb is more difficult to obtain I think she said, or maybe it was that it was pricey. Either way, she did a great job.

Valkyrie from Rainbow Six Siege

I have to admit, I have no idea who this is supposed to be unless it’s an Angry Birds character. If she told me, I can’t remember. But I was so impressed with the head I had to ask her to put it on so I could photograph it. She told me her friend had made it.

Blue Bird cosplay costume
Unknown Cosplay Blue Bird Head

During the show, I had my friend Jody with me. I love it when she goes with me to shows. Jody and I both go overboard for Halloween so we were right at home with all the dress up. We had a great time looking at the costumes and then got an early dinner afterwards at the Depot Diner in Griffin. We’ve been friends since high school.

Jaime Haney and friend Jody Hess at MiniCon in Mt. Vernon Indiana

I’ve got another show next Saturday, the 21st. Funk in the City is fast approaching and I’ve got a lot to do to prepare. I’m famous at being last minute for things. Procrastination is my downfall.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through the MiniCon photos with me. If you have any experience with these kinds of events, I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment.

Enjoy your weekend!

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