ornate mirror placed on top of old piano

I’ve got a thing for mirrors. I don’t necessarily like to peer in them but at them. Another trait I’ve inherited from my dear mom. I have them all around the house and some not even hanging yet, just waiting for inspiration to hit of where to place them. Call them just another shiny thing that attracts me. I love the reflection of light aspect to them. They cast beautiful images of light on the wall where they reflect the light. I get mesmerized by the light that moves across the walls and room and pings off other shiny objects, it just gets me. I can get lost pretty easy like that.

Let me tell you about my latest mirror, the one pictured above. I bought it used off a Yahoo Group that I’m in for $100. The woman advertised it as an antique but one look at it in person and you know it’s not. Turn it over and the label quickly tells you that it was manufactured for The Bombay Company, and from the look of it, I’d say in the last decade. I guess she either had no clue what made an antique or she thought she was pulling a fast one on me. Either way, I still loved it and bought it anyway. I had plans for it to go in my bathroom but when I got it in there, I knew it wasn’t right. The only other place it really could go was over the old upright grand piano I have in my entry hall. It was a match made in heaven. Again, it’s the little things that bring joy. My birthday present to myself 🙂 
Luna Moth painting still a work in progress

Above is the latest additions I’ve made to my luna moth painting. It still needs tweaking but is coming along. My show is a week from now! Yikes! I gotta get a move on.

Have a happy weekend!

Day 25 of 30 Days of my life.

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