Occasionally, I am asked what I like to do besides paint and create things. Well, the answer is um… paint and create things! I have a passion for gardening and Halloween. With gardening I’m creating a sanctuary for myself… another world. A green one. With Halloween, I love to make myself up and sew costumes and paint my face up. So I thought it might be fun for you to have look into my world easily with these few miscellaneous pages. However, everything plus more can always be found on my blog.

In the drop down menu under Misc. you will see “Costume Creations” that contain the various Halloween costumes and faces I’ve created for myself. I usually include tutorials with each one, so check it out! It’s so fun. I’m still working on the Gardening page.

Gardening is not only a life long obsession but also a year long obsession of mine. I have a greenhouse so I’m able to bring in plants and flowers that grow outside in. I live in zone 6 and we have some pretty nasty winters. Not so much in the form of tons of snow, but when we get a winter storm it generally involves ice.

Each year I grow tomatoes and various flowers from seed. I love to chronicle what happens and do so on my blog. Just type in a topic (you can use garden, gardening or greenhouse as I commonly use those tags to find any given day posts about my gardening world. I also have a gardening page on Facebook called Jaime’s Gardens – an artist’s gardens where I post just everyday little things about my greenhouse or gardens or little critters that share my world.

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