I’m sharing more 21 days of my art world today. I’ve fallen quite behind and time just keeps flying by. Now with this craziness that is going on in the world with the Corona virus and people being encouraged to stay home perhaps I’ll get more finished… or maybe not.

First though, I wanna talk a little about all the people out there hoarding toilet paper and everything else at the grocery. It’s crazy, and I think they’re adding to the panic. But I will say I have been crackin’ myself up with all the hilarious memes I’ve been sharing about it on Facebook. Some people are seriously freaking out over it and the panic is unreal. Perhaps all this humor I’m sharing is my way of dealing with it, but I think I’ve made some enemies. I don’t care.

If we can’t laugh at ourselves well then we’re taking ourselves too seriously. I’ve always had a dark side to my humor, I’m not afraid to admit that and I’m not apologizing for it. Not everyone shares this humor and that’s fine. If they want to distance themselves from me because of it, so be it. I think they’re hilarious.

Okay, I’ll get on with the next prompt which is My latest WIP (Work in Progress). Plus, I’ll add a little more about these paintings below.

Since these posts were on Instagram first, (indented part) this is actually not my current work in progress and I’ve actually written about these paintings already (see here), but I still want to share as it was part of the 21 days in my art world. In fact, these paintings are currently at the Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery until the end of March.

finished moon and tree paintings

My latest WIP (work in progress) are these three paintings from a series I’m calling “Ancestral Lands”. This post comes from the #21daysinmyartworld prompt which is Latest WIP. I’m actually just finished with these three and I’ll be photographing and varnishing them next. They’re going into an art show at the Hoosier Art Salon in New Harmony, Indiana from February 8th – March 28th. I love the moon in different positions in the sky on these paintings. These are like dreamscapes to me and I’m looking forward to creating more for this series. #followthemoon #jaimehaneyart

The Opening Reception has come and gone, it was February 8th. However, I have a few photos from the fun event. I’ll share a few here now.

Jaime Haney with painting
Me with “Absent but not Empty”
Ancestral Lands collection
All three paintings together in a collection called “Ancestral Lands”.
people in Hoosier Salon Gallery
people in Hoosier Salon Gallery

There was a decent turnout for the opening reception. A few pieces sold that evening, unfortunately they weren’t mine. As far as I know, these three of mine haven’t sold. I’ll be picking them up at the end of March and if they still haven’t sold, I’ll list them here.

Galleries aren’t my favorite way to try and sell my artwork. I like to think of myself of a self represented artist. I’m in charge of everything that way. No depending on gate keepers as I like to call them. Art is always subjective so if you come across a curator that just doesn’t like your work, well you’re out of luck.

Now at Hoosier Salon, the curator is someone I know, a fellow artist and member of the Watercolor Society. She’s really encouraging and different than most of the gallerists. She knows how it is from an artist’s point of view. Still though, Hoosier Salon has it’s own clientele and they may not be as open to my type of paintings.

Representational art sells better around here. That’s when you know what a painting is and it looks like it, not so much abstract or far out things like my dreamscapes. Although I did have a lady that loved my work at the opening and I was hopeful, but I guess she never pulled the trigger or I think I would’ve been told they sold.

Anyway, with the virus stuff going on now for who knows how long, I’ll bet shows and gatherings will be few and far between. It’s going to hurt a lot of us artists along with many other small businesses. I’m trying to come up with alternative plans for income. I will use this time to create more paintings and get the paintings listed here on my website that I actually have available, which there are quite a lot of.

So hey if you’re looking for some new artwork… hit me up!!

21 days
The craziness has hit the animal kingdom. I couldn’t resist.

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paintings by Jaime Haney

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