Whew! Mother Nature finally loosened her death grip on my little spot in the world just this afternoon. With a wall of wind and welcomed clouds She ushered in at first wind with bits of rain. All the creatures as well as us humans sighed a breath of relief. With record high temperatures up until today the cooler temps now are dare I say it… pleasant. Lightning flashing and thunder rolling is what is happening now but what a welcome sound. I’m a bit leery with the lightning and hoping it doesn’t spark anything with the very dry conditions and crispy fields and grasses. We’ve been in what The Weather Channel called “The ring of fire” and man have we felt it! 
see the clouds and the flying crane?
I’m hoping my plants can bounce back. Plants and flowers that are normally sun loving or even heat and drought tolerant are struggling to stay alive with this heat. We’ve just seen 108˚ yesterday with the heat indexes higher. It’s normally in the lower 90’s and humid here this time of year. Dry and crispy grass will probably need to be reseeded in the fall. No sense in doing it now. You’d just be wasting precious water. You should also never try to feed your plants when there are such extreme conditions. They are doing all they can just to survive, so don’t try to make them grow on top of it by applying fertilizer.

Such sad caladiums… extreme heat and drought stunted them even though I watered them everyday.
See compared to last year’s? This is from 2011
Ahhh… I can hear it now. A steady stream of rain has come. Washing all the parched leaves, grass and walks to a wet shiny newness. Crickets and frogs are singing in unison… hooray! Drink it in! Even though it may just flow over the cracked earth, it will fill up the creeks and lakes once again. Our lake is down at least by 6 feet. The worst I’ve seen it since we’ve lived here. Fill ‘er up, please.

Wishing you relief soon!

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