This seems as though it’s the slowest process ever. Moving things from my top floor tiny art studio to my new basement studio. Packing and moving, packing and moving. Using the same 3 or 4 plastic tubs and unpacking as I can. But it’s coming together! After getting a cortisone shot in my hip, my bursitis is feeling better and the steps are not agony like before. I’m even more excited and can’t wait to actually create something in there, but it’s not quite ready yet. I still have more to move down. But here’s what I’ve accomplished so far.

bit by bit

I need to start using the shelves and putting away now!

another work station with the blue table in the back
This was an old oak TV cabinet that we were going to donate. I decided I could use it for storage.  A coat of a white paint for a nice white wash effect. Not so clunky looking now and overpowering. This held a 35″ TV in the big hole.

Add another shelf

Fill ‘er up!
Holy Cow! How did I have this all in my tiny studio upstairs?!
OH check out my $20 find! Cheapcycle on Yahoo Groups… love it!

It unfolds to this unbelievable computer desk!

I will use it for my laptop, printer and pack it full of other things too.

It all fits! Still a bit more though! yikes!!

I still have to bring down my drawing table and another bookcase. First I have to unpack the bookcase : /   and then re-pack it! Oh well, it is still fun going through everything. I’ve got a lot of junk!

I have 5 stations planned down here. That way I can leave something in progress if I need to move on to something else while it waits for me. One drafting/drawing table, three large flat tables and the computer station. 

Thanks for looking 🙂
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