So here’s pictures I took today and yesterday of my art studio that I’m sharing. This is actually as straightened up as I’ve had in a very long time. I actually got up there and did a little painting today! Yahooooo! Finally! Please notice above my drawing desk a new shelf that my hubby made for me. The section directly in front of my desk is great, but I’ve discovered that the section to the right I can’t reach because I’m too short. So my idea of lining up little bottles of paint bit the dust.

Here’s a before picture taken not too long ago. Maybe last summer.

Here are the white shelves which filled up quick even though I’ve been trying to edit them and keep only art supplies related stuff on them.

Here’s the view from my studio window

Here’s a favorite joke I’ve had forever and always posted up near my desk

Does anybody remember when I said I was moving my studio to another room and bought this $5 shelf/desk? Well I decided I couldn’t leave the nice light in the original studio so I use my desk that I painted for getting Etsy orders filled up (when it’s not so messy!).

I’m going to find a new spot for my Art Studio Mascot. I’ll need to figure out a clever name for him. His eyes glow red if you click the button! Spooky! I love it…haha. Got him at Halloween. I’m loving the shadow he casts.

So here’s a link back to my big ideas for my studio that of course changed. More scary before pictures included. I’ve noticed I don’t have much of my own artwork on display. Probably cause it’s here and there. But the neat little jester guy is from my friend Janette of ARt After Dark.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour. I hope now to being showing lots of art coming from this new found clean surface!!!! It is an art studio after all.

Later Taters,

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