Today is my birthday and I’m not too proud to ask for happy day wishes! I miss my mom even more today if that’s even possible. She always made my birthday so special and she was the one who made this day possible for me! Every year without fail she made me a boston creme pie to celebrate. It is my favorite and no one makes is like her, not even me. She used iron skillets to make cakes and I don’t know if that was it or just that my mom made if for me but it was the best. I miss her and hope she’s with me today in spirit.

My friend Amelia made me one this year and surprised me with it yesterday. It is mostly gone now and has been yummy. I have nearly devoured the whole thing and I don’t care, cause it’s my birthday and I can eat cake if I want to! 

Still in gardening madness around here… will join the land of blog again soon.


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