This morning, we buried my sweet Zoey. My heart is breaking and the grief is thundering. I knew it would be hard, and I knew it was coming but I swear it is nearly more than I can bare.

She came into our lives not quite a year after I lost my mom. So sweet and loving to all in our family. I bless that day in July in 2010 when we met her for the first time. Asher was just 4 and was smitten with Zoey and Zoey already loved him. Narrowly escaping being put down at the pound by a loving foster family, she found her forever home with us.

boy and dog

When I picked out Zoey, I was thinking I’ll get a dog for my boy. Every boy needs a good dog. She was that, for sure. But I never dreamed that it would be her and I that bonded. I was her person and she was my Sweet Girl. So so much more than just a dog.

I’ve always called her my Sweet Girl. Even still, as I cry these hot tears I’m crying for my Sweet Girl.

Jaime hugging her sweet girl, Zoey the dog.

Having lost my mother, I thought other than the unspeakable (if you’re a parent you know), I would never know such grief again. I was wrong.

She gave us the best of her – all of the time. Zoey followed me around everywhere, she was my shadow. Anytime I was in the studio, she could be found laying in her bed under the work table, next to me in the studio. She loved chasing those dang squirrels and raccoons, and she was the absolute best mouser you’ve ever seen.

Zoey could get the squeaker out of any toy in no time flat. She loved her knotted tug of war toys and rides in the car. My walking buddy, gardening supervisor and very proficient plate licker.

Long shadows of Zoey and Jaime out for a winter walk

Most of all, Zoey was my companion day in and day out giving me unconditional love. I loved her, and I don’t think think I’ll ever recover losing her.

Sunset walk with Zoey.


Zoey's grave

We buried her next to the weeping willow tree and lake next to my Studio Gardens. Closer would’ve been better, but the large tree roots of the old black walnut made it too difficult. I’ve already gone to visit her out there and will make a memorial of some kind. She was truly one of a kind and I already miss her tremendously.

As I look through tears, feeling heartache of deep grief… she was worth it.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Sweet Girl Zoey the dog

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