logo I created for Stable Minds

I’ve been doing some freelance work as of late and I wanted to share a logo that was finalized. A friend of mine, Lisa Krystosek, is a mental health counselor specializing in equine and canine Facilitated counseling that is often held in a working horse barn. She gets to help people and work with her passion which is horses. What a great combination!

Back to my dog and pony show… So it’s not really a show and there’s not a dog. But there might have been. Louis… Louis the dog, what a sweet boy he is. I tried to fit him in. I just couldn’t make it work. You see to me, things in odd numbers look best. And while you may not see 3 in the above logo, there really is. The black lettering Stable Minds counts as one, the horse head is number 2 and the barn in the back is a big number 3. So when I added sweet little Louis, he just threw the whole thing off. I tried countless ways and I gave Lisa a couple different ones and she must’ve thought the same thing about the odd number rule.

Below are the illustrations with Louis included. While they look fine as art, when you add on the name for the logo that acts as another mass making it look like 4 objects. Although while I look at it now, they look pretty good… haha maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

my illustrations of dog and horse with barn silhouette

The illustration I drew of the horse is of her sweet pony “Q”. I know, crazy name for a horse, but I love it! What a beautiful pony, too. I was thrilled to create this for her. I hope to see t-shirts and hats with the logo on them soon. My friend is a just a beautiful person and full of wanting to help people and is an animal lover, so if you live in the St. Louis area and are in need of counseling give her a call. Here is her website. I don’t mind giving her a plug 😉

Here’s another illustration I did of Q in front of an old barn, but I think the simple barn and head of the horse worked out better, what do you think? I’m happy with the one she picked and so is she and that is what matters most.

Illustration I drew of a horse in front of a barn - line drawing

I don’t mention much here on my blog about my past life… ha ha. That’s what I call my life before I had my son Asher. I was a graphic designer, actually my title was Art Director but I was a designer none the less. I still do freelance work here and there, so if you ever need any design work done and you like my style, please think of me.

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