Acrylic painting of three suns as stained glass. As I inked this painting, it began to show me what it wanted to become which I see as religious symbolism. You’ve got the the three suns (trinity which is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost) and there are crosses in the center of each of the suns. I first intended to use metallic paints on this as I usually do but the art told me otherwise. It wanted to be become a stained glass window in a church. Inking for me refers to the way I start out these types of paintings inking first then adding color after I’m done pulling out the design. It is done entirely by intuition. I plan for nothing. I am very happy how this turned out.

As I paint this type of painting, which I call an intuitive painting, I start with a white gesso’d substrate and use a brush with india ink to start painting random lines. I then allow the painting to basically paint itself. It morphs into a scene that I see intuitively and I pull out what wants to be seen. I never know what the final painting will look like entirely until the piece tells me it’s finished. After the india ink, I paint mostly with metallic acrylics but also non metallic. I like to use vibrant colors. The end result for the original is a shimmering beautiful piece that reminds me of a painted mosaic. The flatness of the india ink and the contrast of the shimmering metallic is something I like very much.
I am very drawn to this style right now, so please check back for more to come.

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