I haven’t created anything in real life for a while now and I’m feeling like every time I’m ready to do it, something has come up. My summer has become increasingly busy, but I really miss sitting down with my pencil or brush or VisTablet pen to create something tangible. Oh, I do a lot of creating in my head. Masterpieces, each and every one I assure you… ha ha  but I really need a kick in the creative butt to get me going again! Sometimes all this responsibility sucks the fun right out of everything, doesn’t it?

I haven’t done any moving lately upstairs to my new studio room either. I cleared it out some but now with swimming lessons, the garden coming in full swing, new super great dog, trips to the zoo, etc. I just haven’t had the time. One minute melts into the next and before you know it, it’s bedtime already.

I tell ya, everytime I watch the show Work of Art I get inspired. Just seeing other people create gets me going. Is anyone watching that? I know you are, Theresa, if you’re reading this. I really like Abdi’s work and he really thinks about the challenge, and I think Mark has a really great personality and his Photoshop skills are impressive. For some reason Miles just annoys me. I don’t really get Nicole’s work so far and Nao from the get go seemed like she thought hers was the best and would win, I’m kinda glad to see her go. I like Erik and can relate somewhat not being formally trained and all. I liked John, Jaime Lynn was ok, but her last piece was kinda a let down. Jaclyn to me is a talented young artist but is very much an exhibitionist and that turns me off. Trong was different and I would have liked to have seen more, I liked him. Ryan is pretty good but seems to be taking the role of artist to heart with his “look” and that kinda over shadows his work. Judith was kinda crazy, but entertaining. I liked it that she bugged Miles… ha ha. Poor Amanda had her bad day on the first challenge.

I think the show ought to go like this: All the artists remain for the entire season, winning and losing the challenges and the winner is picked at the end from a compilation of all their wins and losses together, not from one bad day. Everybody has off days, it’s a shame to have someone tossed out because of their bad day, like John, Amanda and Jaime Lynn. Art is subjective and I think most of what the judges say is a load of B.S. Sometimes you can tell the artist getting the critique is like “yeah, that’s what it means” all the while thinking ‘Look man, I just created something that I hope doesn’t get me thrown off the show’. Can’t art just be pretty (or ugly) and evoke a personal response sometimes? Why does it have to actually have a meaning all the time? Maybe that’s why I’m still a starving artist.. ha ha.

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