I’ve been so busy outside I haven’t done much painting lately, but last night I went into the studio and had a pretty productive couple hours. I’ve got a face painting gig on Saturday and they ask for a small donation for a silent auction and I’ve decided to donate this little guy. The art and craft show is to benefit a local no kill shelter in my county called Posey County Pound Puppies. So I thought a cute little dog would be perfect for the auction and I actually planned on painting this just for that purpose. I hope he gets a good home 🙂 I think I’ll name him “Can I go home with you?”.  He’s not quite finished, I need to add just a few little things. 

My poor kitty Glove is hanging in there. She started looking quite a bit better then all of a sudden I noticed she stopped drinking and eating again and I thought oh no, this is it. But Wednesday morning I got up and was petting her like normal and noticed this icky smell. I got to looking and she had an oozing wound on her little back end. I called the vet right away to get in because I knew in her current state she might not be able to heal very well. So I took her in and she had an abcess and they cleaned her up and clipped it away and discovered this giant hole! Turns out she had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider! I’ll show you a picture at the bottom, so beware. Not a close up though.

We have Brown Recluse Spiders everywhere in my house, it’s a constant threat for us. I worry about all the time. We have our home sprayed 4 times a year. God forbid my son get bit. But I never thought they would get through an animals fur, but then I remembered she has just had a lot of her fur clipped away due to all the matting. My poor baby! So it’s been a couple days of anti-biotics, and I’ve been pampering her and feeding her with a spoon (she is so spoiled) and she is doing a lot better, Yay! She is eating, and wanting affection and I guess she has used up another one of her nine lives.

She also had some sort of colon clogging problem and the vet had to give her an enema. Ugh, I’m glad they did it and not me… lol. I left her there for an hour, so she wouldn’t have a blow out in the cat carrier… haha  She’s all unclogged now and he said it’s soft food for her now for the rest of her life. No problemo, other than it stinks to high heaven, but she’s worth it.

Here she is, hole and all the first day. It looks like it is healing pretty good now.

brown recluse spider bite at base of tail

IF you are a little morbid, like me and want to see a close go here.

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