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I made a new treasure box for one of Asher’s little friends late last week. He was invited to a birthday party and I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a custom treasure box and then take pics so I could try to sell them on ARtfire and Etsy. She seemed to really like it and all the little kids “oooo’d” when she opened it, which is a great sign and made me feel good. Asher was so proud. He had made her a birthday card and couldn’t wait for her to open it.

Five is such a cute age. But unfortunately, with fun, birthday parties and lots of kids come lots of germs. The party was at a gym that has gymnastics and they all just had a blast. There were trampolines everywhere, balance beams to climb on and inflatable bouncy houses. But the star of the show was a sponge pit.


I refer to it as the Cesspool of Snot. So… today Asher missed school and has an ear infection. Oh well, goes with the territory. I just hope I don’t get it, seems like germs just know when vacation or holidays are coming don’t they?
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