Luna Moth work in progressI got to paint more on my Luna Moth today. (see beginnings here) I added the upper right flower and colored in the acid green of the moth for the underpainting. Then I refined him a little more and got some veining in and work extensively on his many many different shades of green. I’m working from a photo and what a beautiful moth this guy is.

I still have a ways to go, but he is getting there.

Luna Moth after a little refining - still a work in progressI’m so excited to tell you what I bought for myself. I have been using this old boom box forever. Well, at least since the mid 90’s. It’s been in my art studio ever since I quit the advertising agency and I’ve always wanted to upgrade but found that they just don’t make boom boxes the way they used to. I want that rich full home stereo sound and I wanted to be in the new century and play my mp3’s, which this one doesn’t.

So, after looking and looking I finally found a person willing to help me out. He was about my age and understood my complaint of the new speakers for all these mobile devices sounding like doo doo. i.e. Jambox, etc. Well the Bose sounded pretty damn good, but I can’t afford that. This is a system that is strictly for my studio. He directed me to a sound bar and sub woofer made for your TV. It is by LG and super slim and the wireless sub doesn’t take much room either and is so worth the floor space because it flat out rocks! Plus, it’s a smart system meaning that it connects to any device through an audio cord or Bluetooth! It has co-axial input and output if I ever put a tv down there. But I probably won’t, that’s too much distraction for me. What a difference this has made! I am down there just a painting away listening to the sweet sound of all my music like Pink Floyd, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Bramhall and on and on. I am in heaven. I shouldn’t have waited so long. It’s the little things I tell ya. Oh and there’s a remote 😉

Music is such a part of my creative process that I can’t believe I waited. But now I have it and just try and pull me out of there! Today, I had the incense burning, music playing and windows open to hear the rain drops falling. Total bliss! I am in love with my studio all over again. I snapped some pics of what they look like below.

new LG sound bar new sub woofer for studio Here’s the old boom box. It will find a new home upstairs in my sewing old boom boxWhat could you do to make your life just a little more pleasurable?

Day 22 of 30 days of my life



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