Signed and framed two koi fish painting

I want to share a new koi fish painting I started and finished yesterday. It’s titled “Harlequin Dance”. Here is the finished painting and the progression shots I took while working on it.

UPDATE: This painting has sold. Prints are currently available HERE.

I started out intending on painting the crow and the reflection painting that I shared on this post. But I discovered I didn’t have my canvas primed and that takes a while to dry. I’ve been wanting to paint koi fish, so I grabbed a square board that was primed and ready and quickly sketched a design. I have to say this painting practically painted itself. I love to paint flowing, swishy things and these fins were fulfilling that want. I exaggerated the fins and scales, but that’s what being an artist is all about – having that “Artistic License”. I use mine quite frequently.

sketch of soon to be koi fish painting


Progress of koi fish painting

painting the base coat

wrok in progress of two koi fish painting

wrok in progress of two koi fish painting

a little detail showing up

two koi fish painting

nearly finished

The scales on the koi fish remind me of the diamond pattern on Harlequins, so that was the inspiration for their title and markings. The white one reminds me a bit of a tribal tattoo, what do you think?

You’re not able to see it from these photos, but this koi fish painting has a pearlescent finish on the fins. I love a touch to sparkle and just adding this small touch really added a depth to this painting.

Signed and framed two koi fish painting

Varnished, signed and ready for a new home

I so enjoyed painting these koi fish that I have all sorts of new ideas for more paintings with them. I do have a couple other items with koi fish on them… a terra cotta pot I painted and a hand embellished mono prints I carved

4" terra cotta pot with koi fish painted on it

4″ terra cotta pot

koi fish mono print shown in frame on desk


swimming koi fish mono print

mono print


koi fish happily eating

my koi fish pond


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