Moon Man drawing

Moon Man

Do you follow the cycles of the moon? I have for as long as I can remember. My mother was into the moon and astrology so I was always learning something interesting from her.

Today was the new moon (at least when I started to type this – I’m a night owl). The new moon in Aries to be exact. She is just starting her cycle of light. Some call it the Dark Moon because you don’t see the moon at night, she rises and sets with the sun. Only when she starts to show her crescent can you see the New Moon. It lasts for only under three days.

The new moon is a great time to start new projects as you might suspect.

A new moon nearly acts the same as a full moon in my experience. By that, I mean that it causes people to act like it’s a full moon. My son, who happens to be a Pisces seems to be totally controlled by the moon and I can tell my emotions are as well. The rhythm of the moon is a powerful thing.

I’ve always gardened by the moon. Planting certain plants during their correct time and phase of the moon. A new moon in Aries is not the time you want to be planting. Aries is a fire sign and is barren. So as barren suggests, it is a good time to destroy weeds.

A new moon is great for energy though. Well, it starts out energetically. It may fizzle before things are completed.

I get my information from reading and studying the moon from many sources, but none more than from Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Books. I’ve got quite the collection built up. Llewellyn’s goes by the Tropical zodiac. There are two different zodiac systems used these days, Tropical and Sidereal. That other book I’m sure you’ve heard of… “The Farmer’s Almanac” goes by Sidereal zodiac and the two can have a totally different moon sign come planting day. I put my money on Llewellyn’s.

My collection of Llewellyn's Moon Sign Books

1983 – 2000

My collection of Llewellyn's Moon Sign Books

1999 – 2010

My collection of Llewellyn's Moon Sign Books

2004 – 2017

When I first started to buy them, every year they would have fantastic artwork on the cover and fun, pretty drawings on the inside. I was entranced with the stories and information inside. For the last several years though, they have become boring and mundane. Sometimes they even have the same cover as the year before and only the year has changed. It is very disappointing being an artist myself and seeing what they used to be like.

I have duplicates because I have my mother’s books. Or at least some of the them. I love them even though they are the same because she wrote in them and underlined things that were important to her. I think I remember her telling me she started to buy them in about 1972. Sadly, she got rid of a bunch not thinking she’d want them at  a later date. Some, I’m sure are waiting to be found in Dad’s house… someday.

This one from 1990 is my favorite cover. I think this is my first book that I bought for myself.

1990 Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book cover

My favorite cover of my collection

The artist is Victoria Poyser Lisi. I love it because of the beautiful girl with flowers in her hair holding her harvest in a corn field in what is no doubt a full harvest moon. I love to wear flowers in my hair, too.

So there you have it another peek into my world. I love astrology and it’s not something I’ve shared often but the cat is out of the bag now! I not only often paint the moon, I’m sure I paint under the influence of the moon. I like to title paintings for various astrology terms or signs as well and sometimes you will find I’ve scribbled in the glyphs of the astrological signs in my paintings like in Aquarius Moon and Scorpio Moon.

close up of glyphs

Aquarius Moon

By the way I will say I love Llewellyn’s newest catch phrase… “Conscious Living by the Cycles of the Moon”. That’s what I try to do. Live consciously and by the cycles of the moon.

Many New Moon Blessings to you.

paintings by Jaime Haney

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