I’ve gotten back in the studio since I’m finished with the dreaded taxes and I’ve got three new paintings underway. The first one I’m sharing is sort of a mystical painting to me. I haven’t got a title set in stone yet but I’ve been labeling it Mystical Mother Nature.

It had a very different start, as a lot of my paintings tend to have (photo below). I had in mind a water landscape of sorts at first. I painted this back in February and wasn’t pleased with the way it was going so I just set it aside for a while. I’d look at it in the corner while I’d sweat away on my elliptical machine trying to hear what it was telling me.

water landscape beginning

I liked the red sky and blue rocks but as a whole it just wasn’t working for me.

I saw a face in the sky and thought I might go somewhere with that but I never did. It just sat there. I did other paintings while it waited. And waited.

Then it was moved a few times, once with it’s face away from me because I was tired of looking at it. I could hear it crying for me to come back and do something! Anything, just come back and work on me! Finish me.

Then it happened. I was finished with my taxes and went down to the studio, turned on my music, lit some of my favorite patchouli incense and picked up the painting. I selected a few colors and poured them out on my palette and I began to basically disfigure it.

Mystical Mother Nature painting palette

I knew that what I first intended for this painting was not to be. So I continued with swirls and swishes that end up looking like leaves because I tend to naturally make those kind of marks. I added in a pair of tranquil eyes gazing at the painter. Now it truly does watch me as I continue to paint, and continues to speak to me, only now in a much happier and serene tone.

adding leaves and eyes to painting

I added more blues and purples and of course the leaves and purple petals morphed back and forth. The leaves continually changed their colors and veining.

As Santana wafted through the air mingling with the incense… she told me to add more mystery to her, make her more of a mystical painting. So I carried on with my typical style of mark making, not trying to make it look like anything in particular and I began to see streaks of fog acting as many arms twirling and caressing the leaves and petals.

swirling streams of fog added to painting

She had almost taken on an underwater look to me now, but that is for the viewer to decide. She hasn’t told me she’s finished yet and so I continue to add to the many layers she already has.

A little refinement I think…

This painting is 20″x16″ and on half inch canvas. This painting is now available, click here to purchase.

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