painting of a far away land with a flying crane and magical palace

I’ve got a new 8″x8″ painting started and I wish now that I had used a larger canvas because I really like how it’s turning out. I get in a habit of just reaching for the same thing and I currently have a bunch of 8×8 Masonite boards available. But I still like this format, too.

This painting of a far away land, while yet untitled, is part of a series that began with “Cinnabar nights of love”. I have titled the series “Exotic Recollections” and so far just has the three paintings but I have more planned. I’m not sure if I’ll keep them all in the square format or not, what do you think?

Here’s how it started out… Just a compilation of beautiful colors and shapes and a little bit of carving into the paint to give just a hint of texture.


After that, I started adding a little smoldering color as I like to call it. Next thing I know I start seeing a magical land all made up in my head. I love it when that happens.


And in my magical exotic land there is a palace in the shadows with a dark, swampy lagoon. OH and palm trees and flying magical birds and exquisitely perfumed flowering trees. Sounds good, huh?20140227-115847.jpg

My imaginary land also has lots of cranes, they are just beautiful creatures. This one is taking flight from the water. Perhaps he sees a sweet looking possible mate? He is in a hurry! See the water splashing?20140227-113721.jpg

So here’s where it’s currently at (it’s the same photo as the top photo). Just a little minor tweaking, come up with a title I think and it will be good to go. I rather like this little made up world of mine


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