Jaime prepping the shipping crateI’ve got a new painting on recycled wood called Aquarius Moon. This is a companion piece to Scorpio Sun, in the way that they are the same size and pretty much the same tree only one is day and one is night and the trees are flip-flopped.close up of textureAbove is the texture I’ve added to different parts on the painting to add interest. I pressed in leaves from the woods on our property into molding paste then I scraped in detail and veining with the back of my paint brush.Stages of painting Aquarius MoonThis is what it looks like painted. I liked the effect.
Stages of painting Aquarius MoonAbove, I’m laying in the background with a mixture of blues and greens making wonderful and juicy shades of turquoise, one of my favorite colors. It will make a beautiful backdrop for a full moon.Stages of painting Aquarius MoonI used a dark blue (Prussian Blue) at the top and then gradually it changes down into turquoise. I added the yellow to warm up the turquoise at the bottom and I’m happy with the way it turned out.Stages of painting Aquarius MoonI thought about keeping the tree a white silhouette, but that’s not what I wanted ultimately so I’ll keep that idea for later because it did look pretty cool.Jaime painting Aquarius MoonBut I knew I wanted this to be a companion piece to Scorpio Sun, so I added colors and shadows to the tree and its branches.close up of glyphsThis is a close-up of zodiac glyphs I added that represent the name of the painting, again in molding paste so this is extremely tactile.

Stages of painting Aquarius MoonHere is the painting nearly finished. But I felt it needed just a little something…Owl on branch close-upLife! This little owl must have been meant to be perched here just waiting because he is just what it needed.Finished painting of Aquarius MoonHere is the finished painting! It is 29.75″ wide x 40.25″ tall. This magnificent tree is like looking at the tip of an iceberg. This is only the top half of this huge tree. Maybe someday I’ll paint the lower half, but for now I just wanted to focus on the top.

The recycled wood that I painted this on is from a shipping crate. It has really cool metal pieces all along the painting edges that kept the crate together. I chose to keep them on because I felt it gave it a great industrial feel and I loved the idea of combining the two… nature and industrial. The way I’ve designed the back of this painting, it will sit off the wall about 2″ which will give it a floating effect. It is pretty heavy so it will need heavy-duty hardware to hang and definitely needs to be hung with anchors or on a stud in the wall.

I will have Aquarius Moon as well as Scorpio Sun at my next art show which is Christmas in New Harmony December 7th and 8th. For information on the show please see my events page here.

I’ll add a Pay Pal “Buy Now” button on this page if it doesn’t sell at the show. If you want to purchase it before hand, just contact me by phone (812-783-0399) or email me to figure out shipping costs if you’re not within driving distance. I’ll deliver it within 100 miles of my studio at no cost. $659 US  Payment arrangements can be made.

UPDATE: Both Aquarius Moon and Scorpio Sun are in a private collection. Prints of each painting can be found in my shop here.

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