Scorpio sun painting work in progressI’ve been busy painting getting ready for the Christmas show I’ll be December 7th and 8th. This is a large new painting called Scorpio Sun that I’ve got nearly finished. It is something like 40″ tall by 24″ wide and painted on recycled shipping crate, so it’s kinda eco-friendly I guess. I think it looks really cool on this shipping crate wood and think it’s going to look very handsome when hanging on a wall.

I have been taking lots of photos of me and my work in progress to make videos so here are several photos taken from the sequence of the video. I will post the video when the painting is completely finished. So here are the photos…

beginning of painting, a sketch

Next is kind of an ugly stage… haha Actually, I was going to have green leaves all over and I was doing sample greens on the textured part of the painting and changed my mind. I went all the way to the other side of the color wheel… red!

beginning of the branches coming alive


adding the red

I wanted it to look like the branches were on fire from the sun that will be behind the tree. So in my world, this is what they look like.adding glow

adding more glow…more painting

Me looking back at the timer on my ipad to see when the next photo is to be taken and got nailed. I use an app called Osnap to make videos from still photos.

checking to see when the next photo is

Enter the sun…  (hey I like that, I may use that as a title for another painting!)

adding the sun

Adding some fire to that sun.

adding some fire

Not quite, but almost done.

almost doneI already have a companion piece to this painting started and actually nearly finished as well. It is called Aquarius Moon and very cool in color. I’ll post about it next time.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my progress of Scorpio Sun. Oh I almost forgot, I have put some of my art in a new gallery/studio in Norris City, IL. She will open next week and have a grand opening in December. I’ll post more about it later. Have a great weekend!


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