Woo Hoo! I’ve got a new triptych painting to show you. It’s just sitting there in my art studio patiently waiting on me to come back to it to put the final touches on it. Painting has been inadvertently been pushed down the long list of my things to do. Spring around here is a busy time. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I’m kind of a plant nut. But more about that soon…

Now I want to share (finally!) my newest painting on my easel (ahem… easels) that is a triptych of 20″x16’s. All stretched across 3 easels. I’ve named this triptych painting “Mellifluous Wind” which just means sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.

As with so many of my paintings, this one began in my mind’s eye. I had the intention in the beginning to do a tropical painting, since I was in the throws of Spring Fever when I started this piece.

I started to lay down a yellow base with primer. I was using a palette knife to build up some fun background texture. I’m not sure if it was the movement of the strokes or the sound of the knife scraping on the canvas or perhaps the music I was listening to as I painted that changed my mind. I began to feel that tell-tale tingle… within minutes of working I knew, this would not become a tropical painting as I had initially planned. The tingling I’ve come to finally recognize… is my Muse. I refer to the tingle sometimes. I know, I sound like a flake but I really do get a physical tingle! I talk about that tingle here if you want to know a little more about it.

I certainly hadn’t planned on it turning into a triptych painting either, that’s for sure! But it did and luckily I listened to my Muse obediently as I try to do as often as I can.

misty swirlMy Muse is a fickle spirit. She will sometimes just faintly dance in my mind, tickling the base of my spine and if I fail to give her the attention she deserves, she leaves and things seem to go off-kilter. I’ve learned my lesson… more than once I’m afraid, but that wouldn’t be really learning my lesson though would it?

Anyway… My Muse has a nemesis and it’s name is Ego. Ego is a peculiar creature. It skips arm in arm with his brother, Stubbornness. I think they’re in cahoots together to stamp out my Muse. I have to use all my power to relinquish a rendezvous if you will with Ego & Stubbornness. They’re a jealous lot and don’t always give up so easily sometimes. They reside in the left side of my brain, I’m certain… you know… the wrong side of the tracks kinda thing.

More often than not though, I let go of Ego and with it Stubbornness (not easy for this Taurus!) and things are smooth sailing from there on out. Examples of playing naughty games with Ego & Stubbornness would be going against the current. Spinning my wheels, painting something and re-painting because it’s just not right and I’m too stubborn to realize I need to let it flow and not force it. If something isn’t working… I need to let it go… change it… release my will… and let my Muse wash over me with her calming waters… I feel renewed, refreshed and happy to submit to her magic.


Okay. I got a little carried away there with all the woo woo stuff. I tend to do that. You should hear all the conversations in my head!

If you’ve made it this far, bless you. I just can’t seem to write short posts, can I? At least I don’t post everyday. Man, I’d never get anything done.

Here’s some progression shots of “Mellifluous Wind”

Progression photos of "Mellifluous Wind"

Mellifluous Wind

It started loose and just turquoise and I felt that it looked like hair so I started to add more of a ribbon look to capture more of a spirit of wind. If you can even capture such a thing. I kept adding colors and it’s developed into this. It will be a statement piece that is for sure. This takes up a nice size wall. I was thinking it would even work if it were turned anyway which way. Upside down, side ways, vertical. As I said earlier (like a couple hours maybe? hah!) it is three 20″ x 16″ canvasses. That is a sofa painting if I’ve ever seen one. But wouldn’t it look cool in an entry hall?

Here are some close ups of each canvass. I do think I will sell these together and not split them up as I once thought I might.

canvas 1 of Mellifluous Wind

the left side

canvas 2 of Mellifluous Wind

the middle

canvas 3 of Mellifluous Wind

the right side

So there you have it. I just need to tweak a little bit here and there, paint the sides of the canvasses and varnish and Mellifluous Wind will be looking for a new home. Would you like to have her come live at your house or office? Just contact me if you want first dibs.

Come back tomorrow and read about my early spring gardening adventures!

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