My newest painting has taken quite a transformation from how it began. Sometimes, I start more than one painting when I am laying down color on canvas. This can help me hone in what I’m going to paint. In this case, my initial idea of branches as the focal point got nixed. I just felt more like it was supposed to be a falling leaves painting. These could’ve actually been two different paintings. But, sometimes that’s the process. Instead of grabbing another canvas I just held my breath and jumped in head first.

The point where I pretty much painted over everything, I felt the painting was getting too precious or even trite. I had to shake it up somehow, and I sure did. I started layering on the colors… I thought I had messed it up at first, because the colors were just so saturated and dark. I stopped painting to try to find a solution to bring this painting back from its almost certain demise. I’m really glad I worked through the problem of a too dark painting, because in the end, I love the result. It’s challenges like this and learning from my mistakes that make me a better painter.

I came up with the name of this painting at the very last which is not common for me, but when I thought of it, it immediately stuck. It’s pretty dramatic, just like the painting! Check out my process and work in progress shots I took as I went along this painting journey.

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‘Bittersweet Surrender’ will be in my shop soon! It will also be heading to Christmas in New Harmony in just two weeks (if it’s not sold before then). It’s an 8×10 on canvas. I will also have prints and notecards of it.


final tweaking and addition of brightest hilights

“Bittersweet Surrender” 8×10 acrylic on canvas

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