It’s New Year’s Eve! I thought I’d leave it with reflecting on the past year and a quick post with my 2018 Best Nine Instagram posts.

An artist's Best Nine of 2018 Instagram posts

My most popular posts I should say. If you want to see your Best Nine, just go to Don’t let the 2017 fool you, they will use your 2018 posts. I’m guessing they’re kicking themselves for buying the domain name with the date in it.

Reflecting on the past year

As I find myself reflecting on the past year, I think first of how fast the time has gone in regards to my son and his school. Since I have a child in school, my year tends to revolve around his school. When school starts, breaks and summer vacation – my personal favorite.

I think about time with him and how much of his childhood is already over. When I think about it too much, I get sad. I don’t remember childhood going so fast!

Secondly, my year revolves around my art business. Art shows, exhibits and commissions act as time markers.

This past year I exhibited in galleries and libraries and had a few art shows. I had a new show at a Mini Con that really surprised me.

However, this upcoming year I’m re-evaluating the art show business model. As I’m reflecting on the past year, I’m thinking of the year to come. I’ll be focusing more on online sales as I feel this is how art sales are moving more towards now and in the future. Galleries are shutting down quickly and shows are not worth the effort.

Around this time of year I start getting antsy. The seed catalogs are coming in and my greenhouse is suffering from the shorter days the fall has brought. I start to long to be in my growing garden albeit in vain. Many months of cold weather is in front of me. For now, I’ll just have to remember my gardens and admire my photos of them as I peer out the window to the bare but structured gardens.

Time and reflection change the sight little by little ’till we come to understand.
-Paul Cezanne


reflecting on the past year

paintings by Jaime Haney

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page in the menu at the top. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started creating more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is mystery.

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