Glove must’ve used one of her nine lives, she is still with me and doing better. I took her in to see the vet last Monday and they checked her over and told me that if she can’t “go” (potty) that she wouldn’t eat. 
She had so many mats on her that they clipped her something awful. (this is the before picture) She had a lot of matting near her little butt, so they shaved that all as well (she was really pissed,too). They sent me home with some critical care food and we were on a let’s wait and see detail. She liked that food and ate it for a few days (little bits that I fed her with a spoon – yeah, I spoil my animals) and now is eating a little bit of her regular food and an occasional treat. She is drinking and using the liter box as she should. 
Her little back end waivers but she can still jump on the couch, but it may take a time or two for success. I’m so glad it wasn’t quite her time yet, but sadly it is coming. I do not hold out false hope, as she is 20 after all. I’ve had enough animals in my time to know that their little light shines a bit brighter before they burn out. But for now I’m enjoying my borrowed time with her.

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